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Strategic Education Plans, Curriculum & Learning Experience Design
and Future-Ready Learning Quality Reviews


With our deep understanding of the business that underlies education and training, we work closely with your organization to leverage deep market research, stakeholder engagement, and design sprints to create strategic education and training plans that differentiate your organization in the skills economy. 

Whether you're hoping to re-imagine your organization's current education and training strategy or develop a program from the ground up, we can help you move forward with confidence and seize opportunities that will have an impact on the future of learning. 

We provide: 

  • business-focussed strategic plans

  • pedagogical development

  • communications and stakeholder engagement strategies

  • strategic government relations and policy advisory services


The future of education is about making learning more student-centered, personalized, engaging and flexible. We work closely with your organization to design bespoke curriculum and learning experiences that shatter the traditional mold and prepare your learners with the skills they'll need for the 21st century. 

We begin the design process with a deep understanding of the skills that learners need to develop. We base our process in the science of learning, Universal Design, and inclusion strategies as well as Bloom's Revised Taxonomy. This process goes beyond traditional curriculum development and prioritizes both the knowledge dimensions of education and emphasizes the cognitive process through experiential learning that empowers deeper learning.

Our disciplined approach to learning experience design empowers learning across a wide spectrum of education organizations, including post-secondary education, K-12 schools, not-for-profits and the corporate world. Whatever the setting, our expertise can help drive educational impact for your learners. 

We provide: 

  • labour-market research to determine skills needs, gaps and growth, with analysis of competitor and comparator offerings

  • skills analysis to determine learning can fill existing gaps

  • program plan development, including learning goals, course objectives, outcomes and assessment mapping

  • turnkey and tested experience design featuring lesson plans in all modalities, including face-to-face, hybrid and online settings

  • course, workshop, bootcamp and micro-learning experience design linked to outcomes


Education is a vital resource that empowers everyone to achieve. But not all learning experiences, curricula, environments or infrastructure models are contribute to the learning process the way they could. We work with organizations to review their learning with our 360-degree Future-Ready Learning Quality Reviews that enhance experience, engagement, and student success.  From these reviews, we develop enhancement plans that empower your organization to move move benchmarks forward and provide learning experiences that create lasting impacts. 

Our review process is based on globally successful practices in quality assurance and provides your organization with data and insights that continually and iteratively enhance your offerings. We focus on crucial areas: pedagogy, the science of learning, curriculum development, program and course design, learning environments, tools that contribute to achieving outcomes, infrastructure, services that drive learner success and engagement. 

We provide: 

  • reviews of courses, programs, workshops, bootcamps, and other learning experiences with recommendations for optimizing learning quality

  • full reviews of learning portfolios and plans for enhancing offerings

  • comprehensive organizational reviews, including learning infrastructure, services, learner and teacher feedback, educational portfolios and engagement assessments all with enhancement strategies