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UDiscover's Approach to Learning
Powers Transformative Learning Organizations

Consulting: Services

Consulting services designed to unleash curiosity and provide the fuel for innovation and creativity

We love innovation and imagining new ways to make learning an amazing experience! After all, learning is curiosity and curiosity is the essence of life!  

We work closely with organizations to develop out-of-the-box solutions that differentiate their business. We love using design thinking and the tools of Curiosity Coaches to unbox the art-of-the-possible and deliver impactful strategies.   

We use design sprints to carefully craft thoughtful design strategies and solutions with your team to strengthen their curiosity and help you realize your goals.  

Some examples of the way we've helped other organizations include: re-designing the program portfolio and creating relevant, future-focused courses to grow the reach of a not-for-profit. We've also designed professional learning strategies for schools and a national professional learning center, and we've helped a team responsible for innovation develop their design-thinking and Curiosity Coaching skills lead innovation projects across their company. We've also worked with a university to re-think the student experience and design supports for students to power greater campus engagement. 

Curious about how we can work with your organization to unleash the potential of magnetic learning experiences? We'd love to work with you! 

Some of the Amazing Organizations we Work with

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Consulting: Clients
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