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Master the Art of Creating
Magnetic Learning

to unleash the creativity and innovation in every learner

Great learning inspires, motivates and engages people - it has the potential to transform lives, businesses and communities. Join us for our workshops as we help you make learning design easier, faster, more engaging. We'll help you build your capacity to design magnetic learning that keeps your learners coming back for more.

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Select the course that is just right for you and unleash the art-of-the-possible in learning design! Our workshops are founded in research and the science of learning and give you the tools and techniques you need to help you create magnetic learning experiences.

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Be a Learn-at-All not just a Know-it-All! Strategies to Unleash Learner's Curiosity

Join us for an essential workshop to explore the key elements of curiosity and how it can be used to develop inclusive learning and development plans that propel performance. From personalization of learning and creating magnetic learning experiences - this course provides you with the tools and techniques to create a thriving community of learn-it-all's.

Curiosity Coaches

Join us to learn how to become a Curiosity Coach. Whether you lead a team or are an educator and want to help your learners' tap into their curiosity, it's critical that we have the skills to model, coach and nurture the curiosity needed for deep learning. In this course you'll develop the techniques to be an excellent Curiosity Coach - nurturing your own curiosity and your team's to overcome the pitfalls that get in the way of curiosity and learning so they can get on with achieving the art-of-the-possible and embracing their learn-it-all skills.

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Master Class for Learning Experience Designers

Ready to take your career as a learning experience designer to the next level? Some companies, schools, universities or colleges might call you an instructional designer, a curriculum developer or a learning designer. We know that no matter how you are called, your skills are critical to creating learning that attracts and retains your learners. That's why we've created this workshop - a master class to deepen your skills and master the art-of-the-possible for engaging your learners with magnetic learning.

Mindful Learning

We all know that stressed brains don't learn. That's why this workshop has been created. We develop your skills and give you the chance to apply new tools and techniques to put well-being and mindfulness at the center of learning experiences. We develop your skills to identify opportunities for resilience through curiosity that help your learners thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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From "No F*&% Way" to "Let's Do This"! 
Overcoming Fear and Embracing Change with Future-focused Learning Strategies

Change is terrifying. And in a world where risk and change are constantly emerging it can be hard to see opportunities. Some organizations have been offering the same learning for years and are now wondering how to be relevant and survive all this disruptive change. It is possible to create learning strategies, portfolios of programs and training that are needed by your learners. We bring together entrepreneurial and business techniques to help you define an innovative education business and learning portfolio that will help your organization thrive.

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