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About Us

UDiscover Learning Inc. was created out of our strong belief that curiosity is learning and learning is life. Curiosity is such an under-utilized element of our human skill-set and yet so powerful, especially since the transformative power of learning creates bold and thriving futures for everyone. Learning is empowerment, it is freeing, it drives human progress and provides opportunities and possibilities. 

We are on a mission to empower every person on the planet to unleash their curiosity to fuel their innovation and creativity and love learning.  We do this by powering the organizations who help them learn by creating magnetic learning experiences and developing learn-it-all's. 

Curiosity is about being able to imagine and re-imagine, to wonder and set out to explore and discover a world of possibilities. We want to empower every one to become learn-it-all's and provide them with the tools they need to thrive in a world that is constantly changing.  

Designing learning experiences can be a challenge and we want to make this process easier and faster so learning is more relevant, engaging and inspiring.  

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Our Instructors

Dr. Elka Walsh

I'm Elka and I believe that learning has the power to make things possible. What's more is I believe that the joy of discovery is something that everyone can and should experience - you know that that feeling ... the one you get when you peak around a corner and see something new or uncover something that makes your heart quicken.

I've taught in higher education, been a curriculum designer, led teams that delivered faculty development, program design, quality assurance, academic planning and business intelligence. I love the art-of-the-possible have worked with industry, schools, colleges, universities, not-for-profits and international organizations to help them create the future of learning.  

Martyna Siekanowicz

Hi! I'm Martyna and I am passionate about using technology to create accessible, evidence-based learning experiences that empower individuals and spark curiosity and love for learning.

I'm an experienced instructional designer and use the Design Thinking Methodology to develop unique and effective learning solutions and experiences across organizations in the public and private sector.

About Us: Team
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