UDiscover Learning Inc. was created out of our strong belief that education is one of the most powerful tools we have to create bold and thriving futures for everyone. Learning is empowerment, it is freeing, drives human progress and provides opportunities and possibilities. 

In our world of constant and rapid change, education must keep pace - learning needs to be the engine that drives the change. It's not enough for education to react to these changes. And that's why UDiscover Learning Inc. came to be. We work closely with schools, colleges, universities and social organizations to re-imagine the possibilities of education and empower them with the tools they need to deliver the highest quality learning experiences for their students.

There are countless reports of how automation and robots will replace people in the world of work and this is creating great uncertainty.  We believe that education can develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to thrive in the future for every individual. We see a future where no one is left out. We see an inclusive future and that's why we are committed to helping organizations design that future using inclusive and universal design.

At UDiscover we believe in the power of possibilities and the joy of discovery.

We challenge established thinking and

empower people and organizations.

We create innovative learning models that go beyond the status quo and

shape the future of learning.

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President & CEO

I'm Elka and I founded UDiscover because of my strong belief that education has the power to make things possible. What's more is I believe that the joy of discovery - that feeling you get when you peak around a corner and see something new or uncover something that makes your heart quicken - is something that everyone can and should experience.  

My career in education has brought me to every aspect of learning. I've been a Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis and Dean of Academic Planning responsible for direction setting, curriculum development, faculty development and program quality assurance at two polytechnics. I've led a data insights and research team to proactively anticipate where the future of education would go and develop institutional strategies and change management to move the organization. I've taught at a college and university and was also Chief Education & Learning Officer at TELUS Spark, Calgary's Science Center serving over 80,000 students, teachers and adult learners. I began my career as a policy advisor to the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in Ontario, Canada designing future-oriented system policies. And I helped start-up the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario - a government agency responsible for conducting policy-relevant research on the quality of higher education. I've also led institutional quality audits to help organizations ensure they are delivering the best possible learning for students.

After twenty-five years in post-secondary education I have seen first hand how our traditional models of learning must evolve to keep pace with the needs of every learner.  Forcing learners to conform to out-dated modes of delivery robs them of the joy of discovery and the opportunity to nurture their strengths. It also excludes many from the opportunities that education offers simply because of a manufacturing approach to education.  

What if we could shape the system of education to empower every learner to realize their inner-innovator and creator? What if we could design an inclusive system of learning that fits with the future of work, technology and society that proactively creates the future rather than reacts to it? Imagine a system of education that ignites curiosity rather than conformity or regurgitation of facts for tests. 

This is what gets me excited when I think about the contribution UDiscover can make. For those that know me well, you know I'm a tireless believer in "what ifs". With a dash of rebel-leadership maybe the future of learning is closer than we imagine. I'm excited that UDiscover will be part of designing that inclusive future and making it possible for everyone to discover their strengths and unlock their potential. 

I finished my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (Victoria) and hold a Masters Degree and PhD from McMaster University.  

I've had the chance to travel the world to present as an invited speaker on inclusive learning and future-ready skills. Exploring the world and sharing ideas is a big part of life for me and I'm thrilled to have the chance to share our big world and the joy of discovery with my two sons and wonderful partner. 

And that is why UDiscover Learning Inc. exists - to bring together innovative, creative leaders in learning to design and deliver the kinds of experiences that make greatness possible. We want to ignite and sometimes re-ignite a passion for discovery and learning with impact for all learners. It is why we, at UDiscover, believe in possibilities and the joy of discovery.